Learn via play | engage via joy!

Have you heard about 'invisible learning' technique?

Our team consists of creative designers, artists and developers.
We believe that children can learn whilst playing and without realising that they are doing so.
This technique incorporates the learning of new skills into gameplay.
We developed it in order to encourage children to learn through the use of technology.

We're experienced in developing
interactive app stories for children learning to read

Interact with the story!

Main text of the story is specially selected, written by using easy-to-read font for beginner readers.

Beautiful illustrations!

Our apps are designed by using gentle colours, which encourage a relaxed atmosphere while reading.

Listen to nice music!

Our stories are accompanied by music and narration so that children can read as well as hear the words.

Children friendly!

Navigation is easy to use. Children can move forwards and backwards through the pages at any time.